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Pre University Courses or Pre University Exams are considered as a do or die situation for students studying in Class 12th. This is because the result of the end of these high school exams defines or decides the future of students. Thus no wonder, it is because of this that every student tries to clear nuts and bolts with the help of online coaching classes or online home tuition for class 12th science to crack this exam with flying colours.

In this anxious pandemic like situation, students are more stressed than ever. But hiring tutors who can guide the students to tackle the situation or environment by providing online coaching for class 12 science is crucial for the students taking class 12th Board Exams. Thus for this, trrigrank is here with you.

Trigrrank offers free online classes for class 12 CBSE to help you get a strong command of physics, chemistry and biology by bringing you online home tuition taught by efficient and experienced IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) graduated and qualified teachers.

Trigrrank Live Classes For Class 12th Advantages

Live online coaching for class 12th science up to 50 hours Recorded Video Lectures for up to 50 hours Easy, interactive as well as quick doubt resolution during as well as after the class Option to freely choose any specific subject course for physics, chemistry as well as biology Assess your progress regularly by online practice tests

Class 12 CBSE Board Course

Say no to local tuitions and yes to live online coaching classes at the comfort of your home by experienced faculty of Trigrrank. You can easily choose any subject from physics, chemistry and biology to strengthen your CBSE class 12 board exam preparation by opting for live learning for 12th science.

Easily attend online science classes by efficient trrigrank faculty at the convenience of your home Effortlessly ask doubts during live classes and get clarification from teachers Measure your performance by our regular online practice tests Get additional class 12th study material in printed as well as eBook format For better revision and in case of any missed class replay our recorded classes as many times as you want Under the guidance of experts, use your precious time productively. Study throughout the year with unique study methods, study skills and also practise previous year question papers.

Why we exist?



Trigrrank online coaching for science is cost-effective as compared to the traditional coaching or tuitions that the students wish to opt for.



Our wide range of experienced faculty covers all the topics related in great depth. Students can access the classes from anywhere anytime on any digital device. There is no need for them to leave their homes and go to faraway places to get quality teaching since the expertise of Trigrrank is available at your place.


Clarify Your Doubts Simply

Students often tend to struggle with their doubts when they sit for studying at odd hours of the day be it early in the morning or late at night. Trigrrank is their 3 AM friend as all the classes that are taught to them are recorded and they can easily watch recorded lectures. They also have the liberty of resolving their doubts then and there


Quality Study Material

The digital version of Trigrrank is prominent and has a certified experience and legacy of classroom coaching. All the content that is provided to the students in the form of printed notes and eBooks is developed by trusted and qualified faculties themselves.



Students are not under any obligation to invest in specialised devices to access the courses of Trigrrank. The online coaching can be accessed on any device ranging from mobile to desktop to laptop to tablets.

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