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To update or change your email address at trigrrank.com, please follow: 1. Login to the account 2. Logged in, left-hand click the ‘Profile’ tab 3. Select ‘Change username’ under your existing email address 4. Please fill in your password and new email address. 5. Click ‘Change email address.’ Trigrrank.com will send an email confirming the change. 6. Finally , click the verification link in your Trigrank.com email.
You can change password whenever you want. Implement these steps: 1. Login to trigrank.com homepage 2. Adjust your Dashboard password under Profile / Account Info 3. Type your present name and password in the pop-up box 4. Click Change Password
It is easy to unsubscribe from Trigrrank.com. You just have to follow these steps to cancel your membership: 1. Use your email address and password and log in to your account at trigrrank.com. 2. In the bottom of this page, click on the cancellation button 3. Select the reason for cancelling your account and then click on “ Subscribe to Cancel” 4. You will have access to our website during the remainder of your billing period. However your credit card will not be charged on your next billing date and your access to Trigrrank.com will be restricted.
Yes. It is possible for you to cancel your subscription of Trigrrank.com at any time. However even if you cancel the subscription, you will still have access to the website till the end of your billing period.
Trigrrank provides a wide range of courses for online tuitions for all classes science. All the topics in physics, biology as well as chemistry are covered in a great detail and our tutors while teaching make sure that you have a crystal clear understanding of all the topics.
There is no limit on the number of courses that you can take. It is possible for you to watch as many lessons that you want in all the courses. All memberships at Trigrrank.com include unlimited access to our entire library of video courses.
You do not have to enroll formally to join our courses. To start a course, you can simply click on the first video and just start watching. Not only this, you can also select the “Start this course” button located at the top of the course page. Selecting one of these methods ensures that you enroll yourself for these courses.
You can delete the course from your user dashboard easily by clicking on the “My Courses” tab and then further selecting the “x” located at the top right hand corner of the course listing.
At Trigrrank we believe in giving the students all the experience that we have. Our form of teaching includes live interactive classes where the students can interact with our faculty. We make sure that students do not feel that students are taking online coaching classes.
We have a team of over 200 instructors who come from top colleges dedicated to engineering and medical. Our every instructor is a subject matter expert and has experience in their fields.
Students can easily access the tests on the topics that we teach on a regular basis. This helps them to be aware of whether they have understood the topic or not. The tests are online and are uploaded on the student’s dashboard.
The students can easily access class 12th study material in their dashboard. It is available in the form of eBooks. Detailed notes that are prepared by our qualified teachers personally are available along with previous year papers as well as sample papers. All the notes are made under our guidance.
Yes, we have a mobile application for Trigrrank. On that app, you can access all our recorded as well as live online coaching classes. The app is however only available for Android users. Users can also download the iOS version from the app Store.
Our app is responsive. You can easily take your online home tuitions on any device be it your laptop/mobile phone or an iPad. There is no need for you to arrange for a particular device to study.
The live interactive sessions get recorded. If in case the students miss any of the lectures, they can simply access the course material with the recorded lectures. Thus they do not have to worry even if they miss their live classes.
Resolving doubts totally depends upon the type of questions that you want to ask. If you have an academic question related to the content of the lesson, you can use the instant answer feature of Trigrrank.com to contact instructors to answer questions for your lesson and course content. However if you want to clarify your doubt related to a historical event or a certain numerical, you can go to your dashboard and then click on the top right icon. Once you are on your dashboard, click on the instant answer tab where you’ll see a large field. Here you can type your questions and click send.
Absolutely not. The course material that is available consist of teaching all the basic concepts. With our online coaching for class 12th science, you can easily have strong preparation for both competitive exams as well as board exams simultaneously.
Live classes on Trigrrank take place within a common timeframe. In that particular number of hours, the entire syllabus is successfully completed. Recorded lectures in Trigrank are designed in such a way that students are taught about the subject in the specified time period. Students will also receive daily, quarterly and term tests to evaluate the performance of each subject. Subjects must be completed on time in order to perform well on-line routine assessments carried out during the course period.
Even with the online course, parents can easily keep track of the progress of their child during his preparation. This helps them understand the performance of their ward along with the areas that require more hard work. We have an online parent teacher meeting where the parents are made aware of the total number of hours video watched, most watched video as well as the average video length watched in the particular week. With this they can keep a track of their child.
All the teachers who teach at Trigrrank are qualified from top engineering colleges. They have experience of teaching for at least 10 years. For the students who need more guidance, we have our doubt resolution helpline. They can contact on that to know about the availability of the teachers.
At Trigrrank we make sure that we plan our live interactive classes as well as recorded video lessons in such a manner that the entire syllabus gets completed. The digital classes are designed in such a manner that the students can study for school as well as board exams without compromising any of them.
Our teachers who take online tuition classes are experienced in their respective subjects. They know how to maintain discipline even during live classes . They make sure that the physical absence of the teacher has no impact on the overall standards of the course.
Before subscribing to our online classes for 12th science, students have the opportunity of taking free demo classes to get acquainted with the teaching methods as well as interface.
The students get an update about all the class schedule, test schedule via the email on the ID provided by them. They can also have a look at their dashboard for the details that they wish to know.
In cases of any technical glitches related to live video, our technical support can provide you help. However if the students need immediate assistance our support team can be reached through the chat option also.
After you have completed the payment you will receive a notification on the email address provided by you. The confirmation step to activate the package however takes 3-5 working days.
We at Trigrrank offer online study for class 12 science. All our lectures are online and this location of the students does not come in their way of learning.
You will only have the access to the course material till the validity of your course. Once the validity expires you cannot access the course material.
Unfortunately it is not possible for you to pause the live video. In case you have issues in watching live videos, you can watch the recorded lectures of the live videos. To clarify your doubts during live class, you can utilise the chat option.
At Trigrrank, students are given the privilege of re-watching the live lectures throughout the tenure of the course so that their concepts get crystal cleared. Thus even if they miss any live lecture, they can easily watch the recorded videos. They have access to the same till their subscription is active.
Yes. Students are given the chance to EDIT the teachers’ answers. You just need to respond in the chatbox and the teacher will grant you access to edit the response. Once granted, a message will be displayed in the chat box of “Teacher has enabled board for student: Student Name – Roll Number ‘.
It is absolutely possible for you to attempt the test on all Android mobile devices. You can do this by downloading the Trigrrank mobile app. We also have an iOS version of the app that can be downloaded from the App Store.
No, no. It is not possible for you to download the tests for practical purposes. After the end of the test, you still have the advantage of checking your performance. You get a detailed report of the areas where you lag as soon as you finish the test.
The test in case of power failure gets paused and you have the option of resuming the same anytime again. If the internet gets disconnected while taking the test you can continue it. You only require a good internet connection when you submit the test.

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