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Wide Range Of Courses

Wide Range Of Courses

-State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, JEE Mains, NEET , Advance

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Video Recorded as well in case u miss the Live class

Wide Range Of Courses

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-State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, JEE Mains, NEET , Advance

Recorded As Well As Live Lectures

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All the lectures are in the form of recorded and live video.

Motivational Videos

Motivational Videos

Faculties teach you by online coaching classes truly understands.










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Trigrrank is one of the leading visionary institutes providing online class science coaching classes. With the aim of providing top-class online courses, Trigrrank is helping students who have opted for science streams to excel in their exams, enter the most prestigious educational institutions and pursue their dreams.

Our Features

All the teachers who teach are experts in their field have an experience of 10+ years. They’re well trained to maintain the discipline that is required to ensure seamless online tutoring.
Students opting for class 12th online coaching for science with Trigrrank have the privilege of studying from mentors personally and on one to one basis too. However they will have to pay a little extra.
Students can easily and conveniently take online coaching classes for 12th science on any device be it a mobile, laptop or an iPad. They do not have to arrange for a particular device to learn.
Students opting for online study for class 12 science or chemistry tuition for class 11th on trigrrank can resolve their doubts either during or after the online tuition classes.The chat option is always available for them to get their doubts resolved
Trigrrank believes in ensuring quality and not quantity. Thus the study material provided by us is prepared by the teachers who are experts in their respective areas. Along with notes for all the topics.
We understand that when you spend more than 6 hours in school, you feel exhaustive and have to complete your homework too. There are times when you end up missing your online coaching lecture
Students opting for biology tuitions in class 11th or science tuition in class 12th never feel the absence of their teacher as the online live tutoring feature ensures that children learn face to face at the comfort of their own
Our user friendly mobile app that is available for both android as well as iOS has personal mentoring features, recorded videos, options of joining live videos as well as regular online tests.
Whatever our mentors teach is converted into a test which the students can take online after every session. Once they complete the test, they can also analyse their performance through a detailed report generated after the end of exam.

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